Women in Law Leadership
Education Program



Program Vision: To accelerate equity, diversity, and inclusion in the legal industry and empower women in law to lead from every seat and at every stage of their career

Women in Law Leadership is a Canada Not-for-Profit Corporation dedicated to celebrating and advancing women in the law through recognition and education. Its roots date back to 2009 with the creation of the Women in Law Leadership Awards, co-founded by The Counsel Network and the Association of Women Lawyers. Since then, the organization has expanded the WILL Awards across the country.

Women in Law Leadership, in partnership with the University of Calgary Faculty of Law and the Law Society of Alberta, is pleased to present a leadership education program for women lawyers.


Lead Instructors:

Kyla Sandwith is a lawyer turned legal operations consultant. She is the founder of De Novo Inc. and helps clients streamline their operations for better financial results, and happier lawyers, team members, and clients. Kyla is also passionate about developing the next generation of professionals and teaches Leadership for Lawyers at the University of Calgary Faculty of Law. Her course approaches leadership as a lifelong journey and focuses on active development of the foundational skills that support good leadership over the long term. Kyla received her LL.B from the University of Alberta in 2000, and her Masters Degree in Law Firm Management from the George Washington University in 2014. Kyla is a fellow of the College of Law Practice Management.

Dr. Nadia Delanoy is an Adjunct Assistant Professor and Project Manager at the University of Calgary, Werklund School of Education; she teaches across graduate and bachelor studies. After completing her MBA she started a consulting company in 2006, focusing on change leadership in the areas of IT/ET, strategy development and implementation, as well as professional learning and educational program development. Nadia plays a key leadership role as President of the Walden Fulbright Board which focuses on national and international advocacy with initiatives that include educational development in Haiti and bilateral supports for veterans across Canada and the United States. Dr. Delanoy’s career straddles education, business, and IT with her research areas spanning big data and social media analytics for agile and innovative business practices, leadership development, assessment, and literacy interventions.

Coach in Residence:

Karmen Masson is a lawyer turned certified executive coach. She has worked in both private and government legal practice as well as in management and leadership capacities both within the justice system and in other organizations. She has also instructed law and advanced communication skills at the post-secondary level. Her areas of expertise include lawyer and professional coaching in the areas of practice improvement, work/life integration, and leadership skills development.

Additional Faculty will include senior women Justices, CEOs, VPs and GCs in industry, academia, and government.

Who Should Attend: Women* lawyers in leadership or those aspiring for a leadership role.

*This program is for all cis and trans women, and non-binary people who are comfortable in a space that centres on the experiences of women.

Participation: This is a highly collaborative program where participants share and leverage each others knowledge and build a network of support. To achieve full program value for all participants, it is critical to engage fully and attend the full program in person. Due to the often sensitive nature of group discussions, virtual attendance cannot be accommodated. Certificates will only be awarded to those participating fully in the program.

Application Deadline: New dates will be announced when available.


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Program Mission: To provide women in law with the knowledge, skills, and networks necessary to thrive personally and professionally throughout their career