Women In Law Leadership Awards Alberta

Leadership in the Profession In-house or Government Nominations
Nomination Process
Individual Nominations

Members of the legal profession are nominated by a single nominator. Nominators must be members of the legal profession practicing in Alberta. A member may nominate herself.

All nominations received in one year and not selected for an award in that year will automatically be considered again in the following year, providing the nominee continues to meet eligibility criteria.

Nominators who are nominating as a member of the legal profession in multiple categories must complete a separate nomination form for each category and provide separate copies of the curriculum vitae and letters of support for each category.

Nominations close September 3. 2024.

All nomination packages received should include:
  • A statement from the nominator detailing why the candidate is worthy of the award.
  • A curriculum vitae of the nominee outlining the nominee’s background, career and any activities that qualify her for nomination in one of the six categories.
  • Two letters of support for the nominee from someone other than the nominator (three letters of support for the candidate if she is self-nominating).